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Monday, May 08, 2006

The Morning After

Potato Pundit would like to make the excuse that end of season matches usually produce crazy results thus affecting my predictions.

Even Titus Bramble scored a goal of the season for Newcastle. Enough said.

In other news, Titus Bramble is set to earn a shock call-up to the England squad as a replacement for Wayne Rooney. Sources indicate that the England boss Sven-Moron Ericsson was so impressed with the player's goal against Chelsea that he is convinced Bramble is the man for England.
"Bramble took his goal well and he has a wonderful ability to create goals out of nothing" Ericcson said to reporters.

He has a point. Statisticians report that Bramble has indeed created countless goals and chances galore for opposing forwards and this creative brilliance is said to be the catalyst for England's World Cup success.

Analysts point to the inclusion of Bramble's partner in crime Jean-Alain Boumsong in the French team as further evidence that England would not be unwise in including the creative genius that is Titus Bramble.

Remember, you heard it here first.

Weekend Pundit report: 3 out of 10 results correct. (brilliant effort)

Chia's report card: Spot on with the Man U win. (the Chia is always right)

Potato Conspiracy Rumour: Chelsea champions, Mau U league cup champions, Liverpool fa cup winners, Arsenal champions league. Shocking but true.


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