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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Parker must play!

England are back in action this week and apart from the strange loss of form from Rooney the other pressing issue is the identity of Owen Hargreaves' replacement.

Michael Carrick is the most obvious choice having been involved in the World Cup and having his profile raised following his much documented transfer to United.

While a steady player, i feel Carrick is not as good as Newcastle's new captain Scott Parker.

Parker has been Newcastle's best player for the last year or so and while that is hardly saying much seeing how Newcastle are struggling, it puzzles me how someone like Jenas can get into the team ahead of the effervescent Parker.

Parker is what you will call a box to box midfielder and he has amazing levels of fitness and determination. Add to that his economic use of the ball and surely he can replace Mr Hargreaves?

His all action displays are certainly different from Carrick who prefers to dictate with his passing and vision. However, with Lampard and Gerrard in the team, it would be difficult for him to see much of the ball thus Parker, with his commitment to ball winning and tackling is the best choice to start the qualifiers this coming week.

Parker might not be a Makelele type of player but he certainly brings the same qualities Hargreaves has provided to such good effect for England.

Potato tips - England 1-0 Macedonia, Croatia 1-1 England


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